Digital technologies are profoundly changing our societies. They have an impact on innovation in all sectors of the economy, including traditional ones like agriculture. This has made it obvious that technology is at the center of our lives, and it is mind-blowing how technology can yield new growth.

What you should expect at Ogun digital summit 2022

Digital transformation is on the rise, affecting every industry imaginable and this should not be used to create segregation but should rather be a tool that will empower us to overcome adversities and discover new opportunities. Farmers have implemented sensor and information technology to automate, monitor and regulate their systems to become more profitable, efficient and sustainable. Food delivery applications have made it easy to get foodstuffs without having to leave homes.

There is a close relationship between lack of digital skills and difficulty securing a job and there is no better way to propel innovation than acquiring tech skills. Digitisation enhances skills that will give youths more options when it comes to getting a job and also give youths a chance to contribute to their communities, future proof their careers and explore a wide range of opportunities.

The need to acquire digital skills will be overly emphasized at this summit, as well as how these skills can be prioritized to solve arising problems in society as we strongly believe new innovations drive our economy. Digital skills have been necessary for the workplace for decades and the need will only keep increasing. There is no better time to get started than now

At Ogun Digital Summit 2022, we will address and promote the digital technology/skills for the future and how these digital skills can be used to solve critical real-life problems in the near future. The conference’s goal is also going to spark meaningful and effective discussions about the latest global trends, insights, and fresh learnings in the creative and tech ecosystems. Participants will also be encouraged to meet extraordinary goals through this conference